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March 29, 2016

“This is an important case, and while we argued that the ruling of the court below should be affirmed, as it now has been, today’s divided ruling from the Supreme Court establishes no national precedent while leaving open the possibility that the issue will come before the Court once again. Such an outcome only emphasizes the importance of a Court that can operate with a full complement of nine justices that can resolve important legal questions from lower courts once and for all.”

March 16, 2016

“Judge Garland is an excellent jurist who has enjoyed bipartisan support throughout his career. Elevated to Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in 2012, he has built a distinguished career on the bench and has earned the universal respect of his peers on the court and the bar. Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch helped Garland win confirmation to the D.C. Circuit in 1997, and said in 2010 ‘I know Merrick Garland very well. He would be very well supported by all sides (as a Supreme Court nominee) and the president knows that.’

March 15, 2016

Today, a letter signed by more than a dozen prominent attorneys who practice before the U.S. Supreme Court was delivered to the leadership of the U.S. Senate explaining the need for a “fully functioning Supreme Court” saying that, “it is imperative that the President expeditiously name a nominee, and that the Senate expeditiously consider and vote on that nominee.”

March 8, 2016

CAC President Elizabeth Wydra said, “The Obama Administration’s immigration action was clearly lawful, and few people know that better than Republican and Democratic former Members of Congress who wrote much of America’s immigration laws. Those laws give the executive branch significant discretion to determine how they are best implemented in a manner that serves the national interest in public safety and national security."

March 7, 2016

CAC Vice President Judith E. Schaeffer said, “A mother and her children were torn apart by a dreadful ruling by Chief Justice Roy Moore and his colleagues on the Alabama Supreme Court that ignored the Constitution’s clear command to give full faith and credit to the judgments of the courts of other states. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today corrects this terrible wrong and vindicates the family’s rights under the Constitution. In fact, the Alabama court’s ruling was so contrary to the Constitution that the Supreme Court did not even need briefing and oral argument to reverse it.”

March 2, 2016

CAC President Elizabeth Wydra said, “The Texas law being challenged this morning is not about protecting the health of women, but is instead about making an end-run around the Constitution. The three women Justices skillfully unmasked Texas’ attempt to say essentially, ‘women may have a constitutional right to access abortion services, but we are not going to let them exercise it.’”