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April 19, 2016

Constitutional Accountability Center President Elizabeth Wydra said, “It is critical that Americans have a fully-staffed U.S. Supreme Court that can do its job. The Court’s job includes deciding important cases of constitutional and statutory law that help our hard-working law enforcement officers keep us safe and ensure that people's constitutional rights are protected. The letter that these former colleagues of Judge Garland sent this morning – people who did their job when their nation called at an exceptionally painful time in our history – is a powerful testament to that fact, providing a striking contrast to the obstruction from today’s Senate majority.”

April 4, 2016

“Today, conservative and liberal Justices joined together to recognize that apportioning state legislative districts by total population honors the Constitution’s text and history, and rejected this ideologically-driven challenge to one of America’s most revered practices. Drawing upon historical material presented in CAC’s amicus brief, Justice Ginsburg told the story of our Constitution’s Framers, both at the founding and after the Civil War, and how they settled on total population as the constitutional rule. Although the Court didn't reach the question of whether states may draw districts based on voter-eligible population, the Court’s opinion made clear that total population – as the Framers of the Fourteenth Amendment recognized – is ‘the theory of the Constitution’ when it comes to representation."