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June 27, 2016

“Justice Breyer’s majority opinion powerfully demonstrates the true purpose and onerous burden that laws like these in Texas would have placed on the right of women to access abortion – a liberty protected by the Constitution and the Court’s precedents. In setting aside such clinic shutdown laws, Breyer correctly wrote for the Court, ‘[T]he challenged provisions close most of the abortion facilities in Texas’ and  ‘vastly increase the obstacles confronting women seeking abortions in Texas without providing any benefit to women’s health capable of withstanding any meaningful scrutiny.’ 

June 23, 2016

“In rejecting the claims of Abigail Fisher and Ed Blum today, Justice Kennedy wrote powerfully to explain that ‘the Equal Protection Clause does not force universities to choose between a diverse student body and a reputation for academic excellence.’ As we showed in our brief, the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment were the originators of affirmative action, and today’s ruling is consonant with their understanding of the text, history, and purpose of the Equal Protection Clause.”

June 23, 2016

“As today’s rulings in the U.S. v. Texas and Dollar General cases show – in direct contrast to its affirmative action ruling just minutes earlier – when the Supreme Court faces a tough issue with an even number of Justices, it simply cannot perform its central function as our Constitution requires. Nearly 100 days after President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the vacancy left by the death of Justice Scalia, the Court continues to be hamstrung by an utterly dysfunctional Senate Republican leadership that refuses to do its job and even hold a hearing on Garland’s nomination, much less an up-or-down vote. Because the Court can’t operate effectively, one (hand-picked) district court judge has blocked a major federal program from being implemented nationwide. The Senate’s virus of dysfunction has clearly infected the Court, and today’s rulings – which will adversely affect millions of families living in America – are the sad proof.”

June 23, 2016

CAC President Elizabeth Wydra added, "This challenge to Dodd-Frank's efforts to protect consumers and our economy is cut from the same cloth as the politically-motivated legal attacks on other progressive milestones, including the Affordable Care Act and climate change regulation. Like those other lawsuits, this one should also fail. The text, history, and legislative plan of this law clearly give the FSOC the power to designate certain very large nonbank financial institutions as exceptionally threatening to the stability of the financial system as a whole, and I look forward to the Court of Appeals overturning Judge Collyer’s deeply flawed ruling.”

June 9, 2016

“In a time when the nation is dealing with trumped-up assertions of judicial bias based on race and ethnicity, this case provided a clear-cut example of what judicial bias really is, and we are gratified that the Court agreed.”