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July 29, 2016

“Other like-minded public officials should take notice. Rather than restrict voting access on the basis of race, they should honor the Constitution’s text and history and make it easier to vote, not harder.”

July 18, 2016

“The Justice Department made exactly the right move today. By filing a petition for rehearing, the government is giving the Court the option of retaining the case so that the Justices can, if they wish, address this profoundly important issue as soon as it has nine Members again. Filing such a petition is unusual,” Wydra continued, “but we are in unusual times. Because we have a short-staffed Court unable to issue a decision on the DAPA program, a regional lower court has been able to put unprecedented constraints on the executive and stop a federal policy nationwide, affecting millions of American families. This petition highlights why the Senate leadership needs to stop its hyper-partisan gamesmanship and consider the President’s Supreme Court nominee, so the Court can fulfill its constitutional role of declaring what the law is.”