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Encouraging words from Nevada

February 4, 2013

The Nevada Republican Party on Friday published a welcome statement in favor of immigration reform, the first such body in the country to take that step during this current debate.

The statement, courtesy of Rebecca Leder at Think Progress:

The GOP has increasingly found itself in positions that do not meet the demographic realities of the State’s electorate. These positions also conflict with our party’s historic commitment to civil rights. To that end, Republicans must become more inclusive, reflecting our desire to secure a better life for all Americans, and equally important, for our children.

…We support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants that would require registering with the government; and, include the ability to communicate in English, performing military or other community service, and proof of financial responsibility as required by the USCIS. One hundred and fifty years ago, our country fought a bloody Civil War. That war affirmed we have only one class of citizens -- American.

It’s encouraging to see leaders on both sides of the aisle talking reform, and talking about the principles of equality that are embedded in our Constitution and its history. CAC believes there’s no better place to find common ground.

Further reading about citizenship, immigration and the 14th Amendment is available here.