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President Donald Trump has disregarded the Constitution when signing executive orders, most notably in his two efforts to impose a travel ban on Muslims. Now he’s doing the same thing in his presidential signing statements.

Earlier this month, NBC News White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson famously asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer a tough question that revealed the pretzel logic behind President Trump’s claims that then-...

A key chapter in North Carolina’s long running attack on one of our Constitution’s most cherished principles—equal political opportunity for all regardless of race—comes to the Supreme Court next week. The pair of redistricting cases the Justices will hear (one from North Carolina, one from...

With Donald Trump positioned to profit immeasurably from the presidency, the American people are getting a lesson in advanced constitutional law, learning about a clause of the Constitution that many lawyers have never even heard of: the Emoluments Clause.