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The Constitution at a Crossroads: The Ideological Battle Over the Meaning of the Constitution is an attempt to map and describe the ideological battlegrounds on the Roberts Court. Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC) is releasing Crossroads chapter-by-chapter. Below, read the introduction and chapters of Crossroads released so far, and sign up to receive Crossroads updates by email here.

Every provision of the Constitution has a narrative – a story of its enactment; the men and women who pushed for constitutional change; the events and cases that motivated the provision’s framers and ratifiers; and the debates – both in the courts and political branches – about its meaning. Through this series, CAC tells the most important and compelling stories in the American canon: our Constitution’s text, its creation, and the efforts over the past 220 years to improve the document. These narratives not only distill the best legal and historical scholarship and bring alive forgotten Americans, they also help us better understand our Constitution and inform how modern debates about the Constitution should be resolved.

CAC’s attorneys have also authored books and reports examining important constitutional topics including judicial ethics, federalism and the Takings Clause.

CAC’s Issue Briefs Series provides commentary and analysis on current constitutional and political issues. The issue briefs are supplements to our Text and History Narrative Series and Text & History blog, and will be produced when a particular issue warrants greater depth of exploration than is possible in a blog post. Please click on the Issue Brief title for a more detailed description of each Issue Brief.