BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Rules in Caperton v. Massey Coal

The Supreme Court has just released its opinion (available here) in Caperton v. Massey Coal. Courtesy of today’s SCOTUSBlog liveblog:

The Court has released the opinion in the West Virginia judge’s case: Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Company, Inc., et al. (08-22). The decision below is reversed and remanded, in a 5-4 opinion with Justice Kennedy writing for the majority. Justice Roberts dissents joined by Scalia Thomas and Alito. Justice Scalia also files a dissenting opinion…

The Supreme Court, dividing 5-4, ruled Monday that it was unconstitutional for a state supreme court [justice] to sit on a case involving the financial interests of a major donor to the judge’s election campaign. The majority said disqualification was required taking into account “all of the circumstances of this case.

Text & History will post more on this ruling shortly. In the meantime, here is our review of the oral argument, heard March 3 of this year.