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CAC is working in the courts, with elected leaders, and with legal scholars to preserve the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and to protect the integrity of our judiciary.
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1963 March on Washington | Jim Wallace, Smithsonian Institution Archives

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Our Latest Work

Criminal Justice
July 29, 2020

Toward a Fuller Constitutional Story: Race, Policing, & Equality

Host: Constitutional Accountability Center
Participants: Elizabeth B. Wydra, David H. Gans, Roy Austin (Moderator), Professor Deborah Archer, Chiraag Bains
Federal Courts and Nominations
July 10, 2020

John Roberts’ long game

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is not the revolutionary that conservative activists want him...
By: Elizabeth B. Wydra, By Sam Baker
Federal Courts and Nominations
July 10, 2020

Year of surprise Supreme Court rulings shows influence of powerful chief justice John Roberts

USA Today
WASHINGTON – When the Supreme Court opened its 2019 term nine months ago with a debate...
By: Elizabeth B. Wydra, By Richard Wolf
Federal Courts and Nominations
July 10, 2020

Chief Justice Roberts, in full control, steers the Supreme Court to a surprising term

LA Times
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court opened its term in October facing major cases on gay rights, guns,...
By: Elizabeth B. Wydra, By David G. Savage
Federal Courts and Nominations
July 10, 2020

Thomas spoke, Roberts ruled in unusual Supreme Court term

Associated Press News
WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Clarence Thomas spoke and Chief Justice John Roberts ruled. The Supreme...
By: Elizabeth B. Wydra, By Mark Sherman, By Jessica Gresko
Rule of Law
July 10, 2020

Trump looks for political edge in latest high court rulings

Associated Press News
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump won the White House on the promise of bringing...
By: Elizabeth B. Wydra, By Jessica Gresko, By Zeke Miller

Our Latest Cases

Great Hall of the Supreme Court of the United States | Phil Roeder, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

CAC pursues a litigation strategy unique among progressive legal organizations by relying on the Constitution’s text and history. Our powerful amicus briefs provide invaluable arguments to Supreme Court Justices, legal scholars, and fellow advocates. Our clients include current and former bipartisan Members of Congress, state and local officials, law professors, and various nonprofit organizations. CAC’s efforts help to secure important legal victories in the Supreme Court, lower federal courts, and state supreme courts.