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CAC is working in the courts, with elected leaders, and with legal scholars to preserve the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and to protect the integrity of our judiciary.
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Our Latest Work

Civil and Human Rights
U.S. Supreme Court

June Medical Services L.L.C. v. Gee

In June Medical Services L.L.C. v. Gee, the Supreme Court is considering whether the Fifth Circuit’s decision to uphold Louisiana’s Act 620, a law which requires physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at...
Rule of Law
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

In re: Application of the Committee on the Judiciary

In In re: Application of the Committee on the Judiciary, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia considered whether to approve the House Judiciary Committee’s request for portions of Special Counsel Robert...
Rule of Law
December 10, 2019

A Move to the Brink of Impeaching Trump

The New York Times
Readers urge a broader inquiry not just focused on Ukraine and express fear and hopelessness...
Rule of Law
December 9, 2019

Trump business dealings argued at federal appeals court in emoluments case

The Washington Post
A Department of Justice attorney representing President Trump against allegations he is illegally profiting from...
Rule of Law
December 9, 2019

Democrats Ask Skeptical Panel to Allow Emoluments Challenge

Courthouse News Service
With a seemingly impossible hurdle to jump, Democrats argued Monday morning before the D.C. Circuit...
Rule of Law
December 9, 2019

Appeals court appears skeptical of Democrats’ challenge on Trump payments

A three-judge federal appeals court panel appeared skeptical during oral arguments Monday about letting a...

Our Latest Cases

Great Hall of the Supreme Court of the United States | Phil Roeder, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

CAC pursues a litigation strategy unique among progressive legal organizations by relying on the Constitution’s text and history. Our powerful amicus briefs provide invaluable arguments to Supreme Court Justices, legal scholars, and fellow advocates. Our clients include current and former bipartisan Members of Congress, state and local officials, law professors, and various nonprofit organizations. CAC’s efforts help to secure important legal victories in the Supreme Court, lower federal courts, and state supreme courts.