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Rule of Law
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Wilson v. Midland County

In Wilson v. Midland County, the en banc United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit is considering whether a procedural requirement the Supreme Court adopted in Heck v. Humphrey should apply to non-custodial...
Voting Rights and Democracy
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Petteway v. Galveston County

In Petteway v. Galveston County, the Fifth Circuit is determining whether a group of Black and Latino voters can challenge the dilution of their voting power under the Voting Rights Act.
Rule of Law
April 30, 2024

11th Annual Home Stretch at the Supreme Court

Host: Constitutional Accountability Center
Rule of Law
U.S. Supreme Court

Trump v. United States

In Trump v. United States, the Supreme Court is considering whether former President Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution for actions taken during his presidency.
Health Care
U.S. Supreme Court

Idaho v. United States

In Idaho v. United States, the Supreme Court is considering whether EMTALA, a federal law requiring hospitals to provide stabilizing treatment to patients experiencing medical emergencies, preempts Idaho’s near-total abortion ban in situations where abortion...
Corporate Accountability
U.S. Supreme Court

Starbucks Corp. v. McKinney

In Starbucks Corp. v. McKinney, the Supreme Court is considering what standard courts should apply when deciding whether to grant a National Labor Relations Board request for a temporary injunction to halt an alleged unfair...