Congratulations, Sean! CAC Board Member Elected to U.S. Congress.

One of the happiest developments for Constitutional Accountability Center on Election Day was CAC Board member Sean Patrick Maloney’s victory in his race for the congressional seat for New York’s 18th District.

Sean won a close race against a tea party conservative who embraced the tea party’s distorted views of the federal government, arguing among other things that federal disaster aid money needed to be offset by spending cuts during Hurricane Irene.

We will miss having Sean on the Board and we greatly appreciate his contributions to CAC. But we’re also delighted to have a Member of Congress who so clearly understands our belief that the Constitution is progressive document and we hope to work with him in his new capacity.

Congratulations, Sean!

Sean Patrick Maloney previously served as First Deputy Secretary to the Governor of New York and as a senior West Wing advisor to President Bill Clinton.

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