Constitutional Accountability Center Turns Five

Constitutional Accountability Center launched five years ago today, on June 3, 2008, at a distinguished panel at the National Press Club. 

Writing for the Legal Times, Tony Mauro introduced the new organization to the nation with the memorable words:

The United States Constitution: It’s not just for conservatives anymore.

With that thesis in mind, a new liberal think tank and public interest law firm will launch in D.C. on June 3, hoping to catch a progressive wave in both election politics and scholarly research on the meaning of the nation’s founding document.

“There’s nobody out there systematically making the argument that the Constitution’s text and history are on the progressive side,” says Douglas Kendall, founder of the new Constitutional Accountability Center. “The Constitution is, in its most vital respects, a progressive document.”

Read more and check out videos from our 2008 launch panel featuring Prof. Akhil Amar, Ron Klain, and Dahlia Lithwick. Happy Birthday to us!