Launch Panel Video Available

Video from the Constitutional Accountability Center’s launch panel– held this past Tuesday, June 3, at the National Press Club– is now available on our website. The panel centered on the topic of constitutional accountability and the 2008 election, and featured participation from CAC President Doug Kendall; renowned constitutional scholar Akhil Amar of Yale Law School; Slate senior editor and legal correspondent Dahila Lithwick; and Ron Klain, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Al Gore and Associate Counsel to the President in charge of Bill Clinton’s judicial selection.

It’s almost impossible to suggest where to start in viewing the event, particularly if your time is limited. After all, Doug is the man with the plan and our fearless leader, Dahlia Lithwick’s sharp observations on constitutional accountability and Justice Alito’s confirmation were amazing as always, and Ron Klain brought a great depth of understanding and savvy political perspective to the proceedings.

But in light of our last post shedding some light on under-appreciated constitutional history, we especially would like to call attention to Professor Amar’s opening remarks. Anyone looking for a quick (less than ten minutes!), sharp, politically-relevant tutorial on the Constitution’s text, history and progressive promise should look no further. Enjoy!