Senator Warren, citing CAC research, speaks on the “Corporate Capture of the Federal Courts”

In a powerful speech last night before the ACS Convention, Senator Warren addressed the “corporate capture” of the federal courts and drove home the urgency of putting judges on the bench who will follow the Constitution and the law. 

In particular, Senator Warren – specifically citing research done by Constitutional Accountability Center – noted the heavy “pro-corporate tilt” of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roberts, and raised a concern about our Nation ending up “with a Supreme Court that functions as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce.”  Senator Warren also underscored the hostility of the D.C. Circuit to agency rulemaking by financial regulators, rulemaking intended to protect the rights and interests of consumers, and ridiculed the notion that this important court does not need any more judges, a claim made by some of President Obama’s political opponents.

The Senator concluded her speech by stating that judicial nominations must be a priority, explaining that, “We don’t need judges who put a thumb on the scales of justice.  We need judges who will be fair.  We need judges who will be even-handed. And judges who have the experience to consider all sides of an issue.” 

Read Senator Warren’s prepared remarks here.

Watch the speech here: