Today in the News, 12.13.09

  • [T]he Court has in the past given short shrift to Congressional acts overriding its interpretations of the civil rights law, giving these overrides narrow interpretations at odds with Congressional intent.” Harper Jean Toobin at ACSBlog explores how the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, signed by President Obama last month, may be received by members of the Supreme Court.
  • “As the ongoing peanut product health scare has shown, we need the government to focus even more on protecting public health and safety, not worry about whether a necessary food recall will create a compensable taking for lost profits.” Following our discussion earlier this week of whether the Peanut Corp. of America could seek compensation from taxpayers for lost profits incurred during a peanut product recall and the closure of its salmonella-tainted processing plants, we couldn’t help but notice the company filed for bankruptcy today.
  • Finally, in good news, the Washington Post reports Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is home from surgery and doing well. We here at Text & History are wishing her a speedy recovery.

Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day Weekend!