Today in the News, 3.9.09

  • “‘We think Justice Thomas got it exactly right.’” CAC President Doug Kendall is quoted in Sunday’s LA Times, discussing Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion in last week’s Supreme Court decision in Wyeth v. Levine.
  • “‘What we’re trying to do is maintain as much voter input as possible, but . . . minimize the requirement that (judges) have to go out and raise money to stay in office,’ Duncan said.” The El Paso Times reports that a Texas state senator has introduced legislation to reform judicial elections in Texas, following recent comments by Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson of the Texas Supreme Court, encouraging the state legislature to move away from judicial elections. (Also stemming from Caperton v. Massey, the Detroit News reports that the Michigan Supreme Court has begun creating formal rules for when justices must recuse themselves.)
  • “The Republicans’ rush to threaten filibusters in the absence of actual nominees is not only at odds with their previous views on the subject, but shows a lack of respect for the confirmation process.” Finally, the NY Times editorial board weighs in on the recent letter sent by Senate Republicans to President Obama, threatening to filibuster his judicial nominations.