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CAC Hails Confirmation Of David Barron To U.S. Appeals Court

Washington, DC – On news this afternoon that David Barron was confirmed to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Constitutional Accountability Center President Doug Kendall issued the following reaction:


“We have long called for President Obama to nominate to the bench the ‘next generation of brilliant legal minds,’ and Professor David Barron is a quintessential example of just such a nominee. We are proud to count ourselves among his supporters, who span the ideological spectrum from Heather Gerken to Michael McConnell, and know that he is highly qualified to serve on the First Circuit. CAC welcomes Professor Barron’s confirmation today and expects that he will serve with great distinction on the bench for decades to come.”






*  Letter to the Senate on behalf of CAC and allied progressive organizations in support of Barron’s confirmation: http://theusconstitution.org/sites/default/files/briefs/Group_letter_in_support_of_Barron_confirmation_5_12_14.pdf 


*  Letter to the Senate from Prof. Michael McConnell in support of Barron’s confirmation: http://www.judgingtheenvironment.org/library/letters/Barron-Michael-McConnell-05-07-2014.pdf 


*  Letter to the Senate from former U.S. Supreme Court clerks who served their clerkship with Barron, in support of his nomination: http://www.judgingtheenvironment.org/library/letters/Barron-SCOTUS-Clerks-11-19-13.pdf




Constitutional Accountability Center (www.theusconstitution.org) is a think tank, public interest law firm, and action center dedicated to fulfilling the progressive promise of the Constitution’s text and history.



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