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CAC Reaction To Senate GOP Filibuster Of Patricia Millett To D.C. Circuit

On news that U.S. Senate Republicans filibustered the nomination of Patricia Millett to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Constitutional Accountability Center President Doug Kendall issued the following reaction:


“The use of the filibuster to prevent the President from filling a congressionally authorized seat with a nominee that everyone concedes is an ideal and non-ideological choice represents an unprecedented escalation in the fight over the future of the third branch of government. 


“It forces back open the discussion about rules reform in the Senate.


“In addition, it is surprising that the Senate minority hasn’t learned a lesson from the government shutdown, and has brought the Senate back to the brink over a nominee who is totally uncontroversial.”






“Give Patricia Millett the Pay Cut She Deserves,” Doug Kendall, Huffington Post front page, October 31, 2013: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/doug-kendall/give-patricia-millett-the_b_4181055.html


CAC letter to the U.S. Senate endorsing the nomination of Patricia Millett to the D.C. Circuit: 



Judicial Vacancies and the D.C. Circuit, CAC resource on the nominations battles: http://theusconstitution.org/judicial-vacancies-and-dc-circuit




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