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Constitutional Accountability Center Reacts To Nuclear Option In Senate

Washington, DC – On news that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced a change to Senate rules to prohibit filibusters of executive nominations and judicial nominations, except for nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court, Constitutional Accountability Center President Doug Kendall said


“The Founders designed our Constitution to be, by and large, a majority-rule document. Senator Reid’s decision today returns to that founding vision, limiting the filibuster which has become an extra-constitutional tool allowing the minority to gum up our democratic process. To be sure, with the tea party as crazy as it is, it is understandable to have some trepidation about what this rule change could mean in the future, but to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, our government remains a Republic.  And, with this rules change, it’s once again up to We the People to keep it.”




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