Federal Courts and Nominations

Constitutional Accountability Center Statement on Senate’s 19 Judicial Confirmations and 19 Abandoned Nominations

On Senate’s 19 Judicial Confirmations                                                                                                                    

“Throughout the 111th Congress, conservatives in the Senate have blocked floor votes for even the most uncontroversial nominees, creating a roadblock that needed to be cleared in the lame duck session. While votes have now been allowed on 19 previously blocked nominees, 19 other nominees will have to be re-nominated, and will be forced to go through a duplicative confirmation process – all while Americans wait for justice.


<p style=”&quot;text-indent:” 0.5in;”=”” class=”&quot;MsoNormal&quot;”>“Fifteen of the 19 blocked nominees were reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee without recorded opposition or with overwhelmingly bi-partisan votes. Worse still, 13 were nominated to fill ‘judicial emergencies,’ a designation by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts denoting a vacant judicial seat with a crushing caseload. Such inaction by the Senate, while our judiciary is literally pleading for qualified judicial personnel, is unconscionable.

                “America’s system of justice, administered by our courts, will suffer with the refusal to hold votes on these nominations.  The Senate must do better when it reconvenes in January.”




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