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Constitutional Accountability Center Statement on Victory in Supreme Court Health Care Case

CAC Chief Counsel Elizabeth Wydra: “The Supreme Court’s ruling today is a victory for the rule of law and a death blow to the tea party.”

U.S. SUPREME COURT PLAZA (Washington, DC) – On news that the U.S. Supreme Court this morning handed down its decisions in the health care reform cases, Constitutional Accountability Center released the following statement:


CAC President Doug Kendall said, “Today’s ruling is on balance a huge victory for the Affordable Care Act and the rule of law. Justice Ginsburg’s powerful dissent best captures the Constitution’s text and history and the importance of the ACA to the lives of all Americans.  But John Roberts became Chief Justice of the United States this week.  Sitting at the middle of the Court, he navigated two politically charged cases in a way that should increase the Nation’s trust in his leadership of the Nation’s High Court.”  Kendall continued, “Providing the fifth  vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act, Chief Justice Roberts broke from his fellow conservatives who would have invalidated the Act in its entirety.”


CAC Chief Counsel Elizabeth Wydra said, “The Supreme Court’s ruling today is a victory for the rule of law and a death blow to the tea party. The Court has shown it can the put the law over politics even in the most contentious legal dispute of our times.”






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