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President Trump to be Sued for Violating Constitutional Guidelines, Declares The Court

US President Donald Trump has yet again found himself into more trouble after the federal court gave 200 Democratic members of Congress a go-ahead to sue the embattled President for violating emoluments clause of the US constitution. The emoluments clause denies the president, while in office to engage in any business activity or accept any gifts from foreigners without the consent from the Congress.

According to Daily Mail, a federal judge has made it clear that 200 Democratic Congress members have the legal rights to sue President Trump for what has been termed as violation of the emoluments clause. President Trump is being accused of engaging in business with foreign governments while holding public office, presenting a clear violation of the law.

In the case, 200 Democratic members of the Congress argues that President Trump has indeed engaged in various activities that violates the constitutional guiding principles. For instance, President Trump is accused of receiving foreign government favors such as having Chinese government trademarks for his companies, offering office space for Chinese and Emirati-linked governments in his Trump Tower as well as offering rental spaces and hotel rooms for representatives of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in his popular Trump International Hotel.

The Democratic legislators have proven beyond no doubt that they have suffered enough harm as a result of President Trump’s alleged violation of the emoluments clause. Speaking to Associated Press, Senator Richard Blumenthal maintained that President Trump has been ignorant in upholding the Constitution and since he has repeatedly violated the law, it is the right time to hold him accountable.

“This is a bombshell victory enabling us to move forward to hold the president accountable for violating the chief corruption prohibition in the United States’ Constitution,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, told the Associated Press.

“President Trump has been violating it repeatedly with impunity and now we as members need to hold him accountable.”

The Democratic lawmakers’ case was argued in court by Elizabeth Wydra. Wydra is the attorney for Democratic policymakers and above all the president of Constitutional Accountability Centre which is a nonprofit organization whose mandate is to safeguard the constitution. Wydra noted that no one is above the law and when one seems to violate the constitutional guidelines, an action must be taken to make sure that no one abuses a public office.

“By recognizing that members of Congress have standing to sue, the court proved to all in America today that no one is above the law, not even the president,” argued Elizabeth Wydra.

Notably, this is the second ruling being made by federal court in regard to Trump’s constitutional lawsuits. Earlier on, Trump was accused of refusing to surrender his financial transactions to Congress and even went further to deny Congress an opportunity to conduct them. According to President Trump, his transactions with foreign governments cannot fit to be emoluments case since his dealings with them are business contracts not payoffs. However, Democrats have maintained that President Trump has failed to respect the Congress and the case must continue.

President Donald Trump is represented in the case by the Department of Justice which has maintained that it will continue fighting the lawsuit facing the president.

“We believe this case should be dismissed. And we will continue to defend the president in court,” said Kelly Laco, a spokeswoman for the department.