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RELEASE: Fact-Free Impeachment Hearing Appears to Take Shape

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the House Oversight Committee’s announcement of its witnesses and plans for a September 28, 2023 hearing relating to an impeachment inquiry of President Biden, Constitutional Accountability Center President Elizabeth Wydra issued the following reaction:

Impeachment is a potent constitutional mechanism for accountability, but like most powerful tools, it must be wielded with responsibility and care.  And impeachment requires a solid factual predicate.  This impeachment inquiry fails on every level, and tomorrow’s hearing does nothing to change that.  As at least one prominent Republican House member has written in a Washington Post op-ed, and as countless other Republican elected officials have commented publicly, no evidence has been produced to date that links President Biden to an impeachable offense.  And yet, tomorrow’s hearing offers not a single fact witness.  That such a hearing expends congressional bandwidth mere days before a likely government shutdown—one that would hobble critical social service programs, imperil the ability to pay our troops and disaster-relief personnel, and likely unsettle our financial markets—simply adds to the irresponsibility.  The American people deserve better.


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