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Srinivasan’s Nomination Moves, But Will Senate Republicans Keep Remaining D.C. Circuit Vacancies Unfilled?

Washington, DC – On news of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s unanimous approval of the nomination of Srikanth “Sri” Srinivasan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Constitutional Accountability Center Vice President Judith E. Schaeffer released the following reaction:


“We welcome the Judiciary Committee’s decision to move Sri Srinivasan’s nomination to the full Senate. He is overwhelmingly qualified and should be confirmed without delay.  Yet while this morning’s vote is a refreshing change from the hyper-partisanship that greeted President Obama’s first nominee to the D.C. Circuit – the supremely  qualified Caitlin Halligan – make no mistake: today is the exception, not the rule. Given a proposal by Senator Grassley to eliminate three seats on the D.C. Circuit – effectively a mass filibuster of President Obama’s future nominees – the comity exhibited by Senate Republicans this morning is not likely to last very long.”






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