Rule of Law

We need transparency from Trump

Regarding the May 15 Metro article “Trump hotel suit is revived by court”:

The recent decision by the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit allowing the emoluments clause suit by the District and Maryland to continue shows that the courts need not sit idly by as the president ignores some of our Constitution’s most powerful anti-corruption provisions.

President Trump needs to comply with the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses — just as presidents from both political parties have done for hundreds of years. The American people deserve to be assured that when a president makes decisions, these decisions are made in service of the best interests of the nation, not the best interests of the president. Unfortunately, as demonstrated by $970,000 in U.S. government payments to Mr. Trump’s company, the American people currently have no such assurances.

Elizabeth WydraWashington

The writer is president of the Constitutional
Accountability Center, which represents
members of Congress in their lawsuit alleging
violations of the foreign emoluments clause.