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RELEASE: With Supreme Court Action, Trump Tax Records Should Be Turned Over to House Ways and Means Committee Without Delay

WASHINGTON, DC – On news that the Supreme Court denied former President Trump’s application for a stay on the mandate in Trump v. Committee of Ways and Means, clearing the way for the release of Trump’s tax records to the House Committee on Ways and Means, Vice President Praveen Fernandes said:

Today’s action by the Supreme Court represents a victory for the rule of law and the principle that nobody is above the law. It ends more than three years of delay by Trump’s lawyers in complying with a duly made request by the Ways and Means Committee—a request made pursuant to explicit statutory authority and clear constitutional authority, and one vindicated at every level of the federal court system. Now that the Supreme Court has cleared the release of the records, it is our hope and expectation that that records will be turned over to the Committee without further delay.



Case page in Committee on Ways & Means, U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Dep’t of the Treasury:

Issue brief on The Historical and Legal Basis for the Exercise of Congressional Oversight Authority:

Congressional Testimony on Civil Enforcement of Congressional Authorities:


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