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Rule of Law
January 20, 2020

TV (BBC): CAC’s Wydra Discusses President Trump’s Impeachment Trial

BBC Beyond 100 Days
Federal Courts and Nominations
January 16, 2020

EVENT: Are We All Textualists and Originalists Now?

Host: American Constitution Society - Georgetown University Law Center
A discussion with progressive constitutional experts on how prominent textualism and originalism have become in...
Participants: Elizabeth B. Wydra, Victoria Nourse, John Mikhail, Farah Peterson
Rule of Law
January 18, 2020

Impeachment trial likely to bring twists, turns and firsts

“[U]nlike [the late Chief Justice] Rehnquist, [Chief Justice John] Roberts may simply be unable to...
By: Elizabeth B. Wydra, By Tom Brune
Criminal Justice
January 20, 2020

Louisiana case is U.S. Supreme Court’s chance to fully eliminate non-unanimous jury verdicts, attorney says

Louisiana Record
“The framers of the Constitution understood that jury unanimity was a critical component of the...
By: Dayna Zolle, By Karen Kidd
Rule of Law
January 17, 2020

OP-ED: Trump Judges Are Playing Keep-Away With His Tax Returns and Other Financial Records

Rather than moving quickly to decide a case of national import like this one, Judge...
By: Ashwin Phatak
Civil and Human Rights
January 20, 2020

OP-ED: To fulfill Martin Luther King’s Jr’s dream, we must address police racism and brutality

Sacramento Bee (McClatchy News Service)
More than a half-century after Dr. King’s death, discriminatory policing persists. Racial profiling, time and...
By: David H. Gans