Rule of Law

Repairing our Democracy and Restoring the Constitution: Priorities for the 117th Congress

The U.S. Constitution has taken a beating under the Trump Administration. Never in the document’s 230+ years of operation has an Administration damaged its protections, values, and meaning in such a catastrophic and wholesale way. The Constitution, amended over time to match our nation’s march of progress toward greater equality and inclusion, is the foundation of American society. The 117th Congress and the Biden Administration must prioritize restoring our constitutional values and working to make real its promises of meaningful freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity for all in this country.

We at the Constitutional Accountability Center occupy a unique position to help Congress renew the country’s constitutional commitment and are most eager to do so. To that end, we humbly suggest policy initiatives we believe the new Congress should prioritize to help restore the preeminence of and public faith in the U.S. Constitution, including confirming Biden appointees who have demonstrated a fidelity to the text, history, and values of the Constitution; repairing our democracy; restoring the rule of law; reforming policing; and expanding the federal judiciary.