The Text and History of the Foreign Emoluments Clause

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Rule of Law
June 19, 2019

SCOTUS Upholds Double Jeopardy Rule: What It Means For Manafort

The Supreme Court upholds the double jeopardy rule that allows states and the federal governments...
Criminal Justice
U.S. Supreme Court

Ramos v. Louisiana

In Ramos v. Louisiana, the Supreme Court is considering whether the Fourteenth Amendment fully incorporates the Sixth Amendment guarantee of a unanimous jury verdict in criminal cases.
Civil and Human Rights
June 18, 2019

Agency Rulemaking: Unnecessary Delegation or Indispensable Assistance?

Host: Federalist Society
Event description authored by host organization. Information here does not necessarily reflect the views of...
Participants: Brianne J. Gorod, Andrew Grossman, Donald Kochan, Dale E. Fowler, Robert Percival, Jeff Holmstead (Moderator)
Environmental Justice
June 17, 2019

Gorsuch, Thomas, and Kavanaugh Clash With Roberts and Alito Over Federal Preemption of State Regulation

Understanding today’s Supreme Court decision in Virginia Uranium, Inc. v. Warren
Rule of Law
June 16, 2019

Chief justice tries to assure the Supreme Court is apolitical, but term’s biggest cases present partisan challenges

The Washington Post
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. began the Supreme Court’s term last fall seeking to...
Voting Rights and Democracy
June 16, 2019

Carrie Severino: Census controversy reflects ‘attempts to push back on the very concept of citizenship’

FOX News
Carrie Severino, chief counsel to the Judicial Crisis Network, defended President Trump's decision to add...