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Fourth Circuit To Hear Appeals On Travel Executive Order

By Ian Stewart

Today (5/8), the Fourth Circuit of Appeals in Richmond will hear oral arguments on the case of President Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban. Senator Tim Kaine has some thoughts about it.

At a recent stop in Richmond, Senator Kaine took time out to comment on today’s hearings in the Fourth Circuit, saying that we out to have a working immigration system but one that is very cautious about security. “We should be trying to Vet everyone that comes in. And if we can Vet them, they should come in. And if they don’t Vet, they shouldn’t. But we shouldn’t treat people differently because of the country they’re from or their predominate religion,” said Kaine.

The court is considering whether President Trump’s travel and refugee ban violates the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment.

“There’s no reason to keep out a mother or child who is being brought in by catholic refugee services when we’ve answered all the questions. I’m all for safety but let’s not discriminate when we come at these safety questions,” added Kaine.

The appeal was filed back in April by the Constitutional Accountability Center on behalf of 165 members of Congress who support those who challenge the executive order.

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