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RADIO (CBS Radio News): CAC’s David Gans Discusses the Supreme Court and Marriage Equality

CAC’s David Gans discussed the U.S. Supreme Court deciding to hear the marriage equality case of Hollingsworth v. Perry for a piece on CBS Radio News, which was broadcast on at least the following stations around the country:

*  WCBS-AM 880 (New York, NY)

*  WTOP-FM (Washington, DC)

*  WFED-AM 1500 (Washington, DC)

*  WBBM-AM 780 (Chicago, IL)

*  KYW-AM 1060 (Philadelphia, PA)

*  WBZ-AM 1030 (Boston, MA)

*  KRLD-AM 1080 (Dallas, TX)

*  WWJ-AM (Detroit, MI)

*  KXNT-AM 840 (Las Vegas, NV)

*  WTIC-AM 1080 (Farmington, CT)

*  KNX-AM 1070 (Big Bear City, CA)





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