Kristen Clarke

To help move DOJ closer to the promise of equal justice under law for all, the Assistant Attorney General who leads the Civil Rights Division must have a certain set of qualifications: a deep commitment to the core constitutional principles of liberty, equality, and fairness; a history of defending and/or advancing substantive fundamental rights; and a demonstrated willingness to respect the whole Constitution and the values therein, whatever their own policy preferences, or those of the President.

Kristen Clarke, President Joe Biden’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, has had a career that exemplifies the qualities necessary for the job for which she has been nominated.


CAC letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Kristen Clarke’s confirmation to be the Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, April 13, 2021


CAC Letter to Full Senate in Support of Kristen Clarke for Assistant Attorney General, May 17, 2021