Corporations and the Supreme Court

CAC's long-term study of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its record before the Roberts Court
Wall St. and Broadway | Roberto Júnior, Unsplash

Since Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito joined the Supreme Court in the 2005-2006 term, the Court has become increasingly friendly toward big business, often elevating the interests of corporations over those of individuals and ruling for the Chamber’s position 70% of the time.

Beginning with our first study in 2010, we have tracked this trend through our reports on the Chamber of Commerce and its record before the Roberts Court. Below are some of the highlights of our analyses, as well as up-to-date statistics on the Chamber’s win-loss rate during the Court’s latest term. Read our review of the 2023-2024 term here.

Current Term Overview (2023-2024 Term)


Chamber Wins

Chamber Losses

Decisions Resulting in Neither a Win Nor a Loss

Cases Dismissed Without Decision

Long-Term Trends

CAC’s long-term analysis demonstrates the Chamber of Commerce’s increased rate of success before the Roberts Court, as well as the ideological divide among the Justices with respect to the Chamber’s positions.