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RELEASE: Chamber of Commerce Has Another Remarkably Successful Term Advancing Its Positions Before the Supreme Court, Constitutional Accountability Center Finds

WASHINGTON, DC – The 2022-2023 Supreme Court Term has just concluded, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has once again been remarkably successful in advancing its pro-corporate arguments before the Supreme Court. With 13 wins and just 5 losses, the Chamber prevailed in 72% percent of its cases.  Constitutional Accountability Center Senior Appellate Counsel Brian Frazelle issued the following reaction:

In deciding which cases to hear this Term, the Supreme Court overwhelmingly chose opportunities to help big business by reviewing lower-court wins for individuals or the government. The Court then ruled for corporate interests nearly three-fourths of the time, in some cases with dramatic results. Meanwhile, in the few decisions that went against corporate interests, the Court often just maintained the status quo, declining to tilt the law even further in corporate America’s favor. All this has become standard practice at the Roberts Court, which every year makes the law more favorable to corporations and more hostile to consumers, employees, public welfare, and the environment.



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